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A Bit About The Devil's Slide

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There is little agreement on distances and times.
All here, rounded to the next highest unit, are approximate.
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MAPS may be enlarged for detail
Leggett through San Francisco Highway One The Shoreline Highway
San Francisco to the Goleta Gap The Cabrillo Highway
Rincón Parkway to Camino Las Ramblas The Pacific Coast Highway

MONTEREY/PACIFIC GROVE/CARMEL via                                           [Direct Route]
CABRILLO HIGHWAY through Daly City, Pacifica, Montara, Princeton-by-the-Sea, Moss Beach, El Granada, Half Moon Bay, Tunitas, Año Nuevo State Reserve, and Davenport:

CITY HALL to PACIFICA — ≈ 13 miles, ½ hour
Highway OneOhOnePolk Street becomes Tenth Street onto the James Lick (101) toward San José keep out of Right laneCabrillo Highway 'til past Army Street (César Chavez) and the then into Right Junípero Serra lanes onto the John Francis Foran and Junípero Serra freeways (280) toward and through Daly City keeping out of Right lane 'til past Eastmoor then into Right lanes to PACIFICA.

Cabrillo HighwayCabrillo Highway (1) about 60 miles to Right on Swift Street (first signal), Left on West Cliff Drive.
65 miles, 1.4 hours

 DAVENPORT-SANTA CRUZ via Felton ≈ 23 miles, 0.7 hours
Cabrillo HighwayCabrillo Highway (1) about 4 miles to Bonny Doon Road, Right on Pine Flat Road turning to Left to continue on Pine Flat Road, Right on Ice Cream Grade that becomes Felton Empire Road, Right on Highway 9 to Felton.  ≈ 13 miles, 0.4 hours

FELTON-SANTA CRUZ – ≈ 9 miles, 0.3 hours
Highway 9 about six miles to Right on Cabrillo Highway (1) for a bit
then Right onto Mission Street, thence Left on Bay Street to Left on West Cliff Drive.

SANTA CRUZ-MONTEREY – ≈ 42 miles, 0.8 hour
Cabrillo HighwayContinue on Beach Street to Water Street, Right on Soquel Avenue, Left on Morrissey Boulevard onto Cabrillo Highway (1).
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SAN FRANCISCO-MONTEREY DIRECT ROUTE Scenic — ≈ 120 miles, 194km, 1.9 hours
Highway OneOhOne Cabrillo HighwayPolk Street becomes Tenth Street onto the James Lick Freeway (101) toward San José
keep out of Right lane 'til past Army/César Chávez Street,
John Francis Foran Freeway (280) toward Daly City connecting with the Junípero Serra Freeway (280) to Highway 85 toward Gilroy to the Santa Cruz Highway (17) to Santa Cruz and the Cabrillo Highway (1) to Monterey.

Cabrillo HighwayHighway OneOhOneCabrillo Highway (1) toward Watsonville/Castroville/Santa Cruz to connect with the Santa Cruz Highway (1) to Highway 85 to the Junípero Serra Freeway (280) to the James Lick Freeway (101) Ninth Street. Cross Market Street in the next-to-left lane; right on Van Ness Avenue to Grove Street.
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SAN FRANCISCO-MONTEREY DIRECT ROUTE — ≈ 120 miles, 194km, 1.9 hours
Highway OneOhOne Cabrillo HighwayPolk Street becomes Tenth Street onto the James Lick Freeway (101) toward San José
keep out of Right lane 'til past Third Street,
Bayshore Freeway (101) toward San José through Morgan Hill and Gilroy to Prundedale to Right on Highway 156 to Left on the Cabrillo Highway (1).

Cabrillo HighwayHighway OneOhOneCabrillo Highway (1) toward Watsonville/Castroville/Santa Cruz for about 12 miles to Right onto Highway 156 to Prunedale to Left onto Highway 101 for about 98 miles.

Towns between
DALY CITYPACIFICA: Sanchez Adobe; Don Gaspar de PortoláMONTARA: Moss Beach Park

Princeton-by-the-Sea — EL GRANADAMOSS BEACH: James V. Fitzgerald Marine Reserve

HALF MOON BAY: Art & Pumpkin Festival Second Week-end in October — PURÍSIMA


Beach Boardwalk's Giant Dipper; Surfing MuseumMOSS LANDINGMARINA

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THE BEST ROUTEabout 470 miles/12 hours, is to follow the above directions to Monterey thence the Cabrillo/Big Sur Highway (1) through San Luís Obispo to Goleta (1 and 101) and Santa Barbara to Oxnard thence the Pacific Coast Highway (1) to the Santa Monica Freeway (a.k.a. The Christopher Columbus Trans-Continental Highway) (10) to Los Angeles.
MMMThis route is highly recommended because the spectacularity of the trip insignificates the time/distance premium. It's best to take two days, spending the first night in Monterey, Carmel, or Pacific Grove travelling from San Francisco; Pismo Beach, San Luís Obispo, Morro Bay, or Cambria travelling to San Francisco.

THE QUICKEST ROUTEabout 385 miles/6.4 hours, is via the San Francisco Bay Bridge toward Hayward through Livermore staying on the MacArthur Freeway (580) to the San Joaquin Valley Freeway (5), over the Grapevine, and Golden State Freeway (5). Some claim to make the trip as quickly as five hours. Don't plan on it!

THE FAST ROUTEabout 395 miles/7 hours, is via the James Lick and Bayshore freeways (101) to Gilroy, Highway 25 to Pacheco Pass Highway (152), San Joaquin Valley Freeway (5) via the Grapevine to the Golden State Freeway (5).

A LOVELY ROUTEabout 441 miles/8 hours, is taking Highway 101 all the way.
Other ways to go differ in detail, not significance.

SAN DIEGO via Los Angeles
Stay on the Pacific Coast Highway to San Onofre State Beach, thence InterState Highway 5 the rest of the way. Or, the quick way, is following the quickest route to Los Angeles, above, and staying on Highway 5.

How far is BIG SUR from San Francisco?
About 150 miles. Big Sur is about thirty miles South of Carmel; following the directions to Monterey (above) just keep going on the Cabrillo Highway. Round trip via Paso Robles from Cambria is about 450 miles; via San Luís Obispo about 500 miles.

San Francisco, Monterey, Cambria, Yosemite, San Francisco, ~600 miles and ~13:10 hours.

YOSEMITE from . . .
. . . San Francisco — About 190 miles, 4 hours
San Francisco Bay Bridge to the MacArthur Freeway (580) toward Hayward through Livermore to the Northern Yosemite Highway (120), after Tracy but before Manteca, that goes into The Park.

. . . San Luís Obispo — About 230 miles, 4.3 hours
Highway 101 toward Paso Robles – Highway 46 through Fresno – Southern Yosemite Highway (41) into The Park.

. . . Monterey — About 195 miles, 4.4 hours
Cabrillo Highway (1) toward Santa Cruz. Highway 156 to Prunedale joining Highway 101 toward San Francisco. Highway 156 splits through San Juan Bautista and Hollister to Pacheco Pass Road/Pacheco Pass Highway (152) to Highway 59 to Merced to the Central Yosemite Highway (140) through Mariposa and into The Park.

LAS VEGAS from . . .
. . . San Francisco: San Francisco Bay Bridge to Nimitz Freeway (880) toward San José to San Leandro toward Tracy through Livermore to the Central Valley Freeway (5) toward Los Angeles to Buttonwillow thence Highway 58 through Bakersfield to Barstow via Mojave and the Mojave Freeway (15) into Las Vegas.

. . .Yosemite via Death Valley: Tioga Road [Is the Tioga Road Open? Current Conditions] (120) to the Eastern Sierra Highway (395) through Bishop to Highway 136 from Lone Pine to Highway 190 through Furnace Creek.
…In,There are several ways from Death Valley to Las Vegas. The shortest is continuing on Highway 190 via Death Valley Junction and State Line Road through Pahrump and the Blue Diamond Highway (160) to The Strip.

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The Devil's Slide

From time to time, because of geology, meteorology, repairs, accidents, etc.,
the Cabrillo Highway (1) between Pacifica and Montara, is closed.
The road slid nine times between 1937 and 1907.
Boring for a tunnel, scheduled to open in 2010, through Montara Mountain began on September 17, 2007.
It didn't happen in 2010 or 2011. Now they're saying the 1½-mile, $342-million Montara Mountain Tunnel will open in 2012.
  It will be the motor vehicle route between Pacifica and Montara.
The Devil's Slide will become a paved(?) and dirt trail for hiking and bicycling.
Boston's cost-overrunning Big Dig contractor, known for bores that leak and collapse, is doing the job.
Here's the the other way to Half Moon Bay.
 City Hall to HALF MOON BAY ≈ 29 miles, 0.8 hour
Highway OneOhOne Polk Street becomes Tenth Street onto the James Lick Freeway (101) toward San José avoid Right       lane 'til past Army Street (César Chavez) then into Right lanes onto the John Francis Foran Freeway (280) toward Daly City; that becomes the Junípero Serra Freeway be wary of Right lane 'til past the Sneath Junípero Serra Lane and Airport exits to Bunker Hill Drive. Left at STOP sign onto Skyline Boulevard (35).
Right at semaphore onto the Half Moon Bay Highway (92).

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