About TouringSFO, the San Francisco FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions about San Francisco's answered! Sights, transportation, maps, and more. [Comment] Th[is] web site sure give me lots of info — What a fantastic site . . .Your information is great [/Comment]. This site may be considered the San Francisco FAQ for tourists and visitors.
had its genesis on May 18, 1995 when a list of
I DONT CARE! Show me what you have for ME!
Don't-miss Sights in San Francisco
was posted to the UseNet NewsGroup REC.TRAVEL.MISC.
It was the first page to be announced
at the first World Wide Web site where it was available.
This site, TouringSFO, was created because of the
repeated redundancy of the questions consistently rehearsed
over and again in the San Francisco and California fora.
TouringSFO may be considered a tourist's/visitor's
San Francisco FAQ
for it is the direct result of FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS!

Please report what isn't working as it ought.


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